Winchester Young Carers is a local charity to us that follow the same ethos as we do, to help give children the power to be children. 
Their mission is to improve the lives of children and young people with caring responsibilites by providing safe, quality support to indiviuals and offering an inclusive and holistic approach which considers the needs of the whole family.

We had a great day with some of the kids from the programme.  It was filled with fun, creativity and lots of glitter! 

Our day started with a planning session.  The kids designed on paper what they would like to do to their capes.  Colours, extras added, paint colours, etc.  These kids had such great ideas coming up with ideas to improve their capes.
It was really exciting to see their imaginations spark and listen to their ideas and watch as they designed their capes.

The kids had a choice between some ready-made patterned capes or to decorate and personalise some plain white capes.  There were a variety of different supplies for them to use to personalise and create their capes.  From fabric paint, to fabric glue and glitter to scraps of materials.  Some painted, some drew images with sharpies and some of the kids got a quick sewing lesson and added ribbon and bits of scrap on all on their own.

Their creativity blew me away.  From Minecraft capes, to capes with hand-cut out lettering and starts, to embellished capes and glittery shiny capes. One of the kids designed, drew and painted a cape for his super dog, how super is that. 

But my favourite part of the day had to be at the end when we all had a chance to sit down and everyone told us their story about their cape, their Super Name and what powers they had.  It just emphasised the importance of reminding these kids how special they really were, how different each cape was but how amazing they all were. Their stories were amazing and so creative.

A quick thank you to Ben and Anna from Winchester Young Carers who helped organsie the day and to my amazing helpers Cara and Erin, your help was so appreciated.

If you would like to get involved with this amazing programme please visit their website for more information.