Where we have been, and where we are going!

Evening everyone.

I wanted to take this opportunity to apologise to all our supporters, followers and especially to all those little heroes who have not received thier capes yet.

Some may know this, but for those who don't.  I too have a little hero.  Trent is his name and he is the youngest of my 3 boys.  Trent was born in 2013 and it became apparent quite early on that things were not right.  To cut a long story short Trent has an undiagnosed brain damage, is severly autistic, non-verban, GDD and a few other issues.

We as a family have taken some time to come to grips with this new path of ours.  We are greateful that his condition is not progressive, however, as we don't have a diagnosis we are unaware how this will all effect Trent in the years to come.

I am sorry to those who I have let down and not sent out capes to yet.  But, as a mum of a special needs child, a little hero I know how these little things are important.  How we need to find the things that remind us and our children to be just that, children. 

So this is my pledge and promise that I will be working extra hard to get all outstanding capes out and we will be announcing some very exciting changes to I am Super capes for 2017.

Thank yo to everyone who has been so supportive and for all those who have gotten in touch.  2017 is going to be a very SUPER year.


We received some amazing capes from Anne and her amazing group of sewers, we are so grateful to all of them.  This is what Anne had to say:

I started a sewing group 2 years ago because our centre was under threat of closure - took a loooooooooooooong time to get it going but here we are today: 35 members, good supporters, fantastic funding, lots of great resources and bags of enthusiasm.  Age range is wide but all willing to share skills and ideas. We just featured on the BBC website, a visit from the High Sheriff of Cheshire and an upcoming piece in the Cheshire Life magazine - all very exciting.  We encourage our members to nominate charitable projects and your cape project was well received.  From personal experience I know that a simply made cape can make a child feel so special, invincible even. 


On a personal note, I lived in SA for 12 years - some of the best years of my life!  The thought of the capes going to SA made me feel good.  

Capes for Cape Town

You might have read on our Missions page that towards the end of 2104 we undertook a huge mission of making and sending 450 capes to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.  This blog is to give thanks to all those who got involved and donated time, airmiles, accommodation and help to make the mission possible.

Now normally I am not able to be there when the little heroes receive their capes.  Logistically it is not possible as these missions are for charities all over the world.  However, this mission proved to be very different.

A very dear friend of mine – in fact, the same friend who I worked with when we did the HUGE collection that was sent to the Philippines after Haiyan hit in November 2013 – offered to donate their excess Emirates Airlines airmiles to allow me to fly with the capes and deliver them personally to the children in hospital.  I am sure you agree that is an amazing gift, one I am so thankful for.

So Capes for Cape Town Mission began.  As we were flying with Emirates Airlines I got chatting with Moe from FleishmanHillard who are the PR agency for Emirates Airlines and they were able to secure me the excess baggage I needed to send 450 capes to Cape Town.  Very grateful and thankful to them.

Then, I needed a place to stay.  Now Cape Town is a vibrant, amazing, multi-cultural city that millions flock to every year.  Especially at December time, which was when I was flying.  But then I received an email from Melanie, from the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice hotel.  They were offering me a place to stay when I was in Cape Town.  And what a place it is.  Situated 5 minutes from V&A Waterfront and with spectacular view of Table Mountain I knew I was going to be so comfortable.  The room was gorgeous and so comfortable and I woke up every morning to the stunning view of Table Mountain.  They staff are so helpful and friendly and the breakfast in the morning, such a great variety and so tasty.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit Cape Town, I highly recommend staying at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice.

I am also thankful to the ladies of Charlys bakery who were so supportive during the ‘sewing period’ with their tweets and messages.  It was watching the amazing work they do for charities around Cape Town then spurred me on to contact me and get the ball rolling with this mission.  They also made a VERY tasty cake, which I took to the hospital as a treat and thank you for all the staff, and volunteers who work with the children.  I was so honoured to have met you ladies, thank you.

Now I was blessed to have had support during this mission.  Firstly to my husband and children, who were so patient when I was always sewing and cutting away and tolerant to capes and fabric on every surface possible around the house, to a local friend who then gave me the run of her brilliant basement which became I Am Supercapes HQ for a few months.  But mostly I would like to give thanks to someone who has become and amazing friend, Rebecca, who gave up countless hours to cut, sew and source fabric for me.  Without all this help I would not have reached our target of 450 capes.  THANK YOU x

I Am Super capes Capes for Cape Town

Have you met Louise

So excited to introduce you to the lovely Louise.

Louise runs the successful Kitchen Stitchin'.  She makes all home made Luxury products.  Louise specialises in Table Runners, Aprons, Napkins, Curtains to order, and other household items!

Louise is our co-ordinator in Ireland.  Yip, that's right, we are helping heroes in Ireland now.  Louise got in touch with us wanting to be a part of what we do and I couldn't be more happy.  She has literally hit the ground running and completed her first mission for LauraLynn Children's Hospice in Ireland.

If you are in Ireland and know of a littler hero that needs a cape or would like to nomiate a charity we could work with please email Lousie at ireland@iamsupercapes.co.uk

A Super Sewing Group

We really couldn't do what we do or the at the volume that we need to do it without the dedication and help of, well amazing strangers who contact us wanting to be a part of I Am Super capes.

One such amazing person is Saskia.  She contacted me via Twitter wanting to make some capes for us.  Saskia has sent us some absolutely gorgeous capes and has continued to pledge her support to us.

This is what Saskia has to say:
"I stumbled across I Am Super capes on a twitter forum. I thought I would put it to my Wednesday evening ladies and see if they were interested in making one. I had a resounding yes and they all thought it was a great idea. So I quickly made a pattern, tried it out but couldn't resist adding some embroidery .......... (Lucky owner of digital embroidery machine) and voila, the first Dotty supercape was born. Then with all Claudias positive encouragement I got a bit carried away and made quite a few, my kids even joined in and made one each. Good luck Claudia, I hope they make someone super hero happy. A childhood is not a proper one without make believe."

Super Sewers

Our first mission couldn't have done as well as it did without the amazing help of some fantastic ladies that gave up their time, and fabric to make some capes for us.

Jill from Buckinghamshire was the first to send me some capes.  It was a lovely surprise to get the parcel in the post one day with an awesome variety of capes.

Lucy and Kathy have also given up a lot of their time, and again, their fabric to make me some capes.  We even had Kathy's son, wanting to help sew a cape together (awesome x).  Lucy even went as far as to organise a sewing afternoon.

I know their are a lot of people out there who are making capes for us.  I have been contacted by a lovely teacher who has her Yr8 textile class making capes for us, so so exciting to see what these kids come up with.

Thank you to everyone who has offered to and has helped us.  As I said, mission 1 is over with (more details to follow).  We couldn't have been as successful as it was without all of you.

Social Media Buzz & Blog Mention!

The world of social media is still something that I am trying to get my mind around.  But what I have worked out so far has done a lot for I Am Super capes so far.

Twitter has been a great platform and has really got what we are trying to do out there.  And the amount of people that have got in touch from right here in the UK and all across the world has been amazing.  I have had such great feedback which has filled me with so much confidence that I Am Super capes is going to be able to help give a lot of children the POWER to be children.

We got mentioned in a blog today.  It was a lovely surprise.  A big thank you to make / do for mentioning us and letting people know what we do.  Click here to have a read the post.

First Mission Underway

The momentum of our first mission is really picking up.  After a serious Twitter session yesterday I have had an amazing response to people from all of UK and some from the USA wanting to support us in some way or other, whether it be wanting to come to our first sewing session or to send fabric.

A sewing afternoon has been organised for next week Friday.  I am really looking forward to it as it will be the first of what I hope is many more to come.  I have some templates cut out from cardboard ready to use to cut out more capes.

As I said I hope it is the first of many more and I will update everyone as and when we have more.  So if you can help by either joining us or sending fabric I would greatly appreciate it.

Moving ahead

I have been overwhelmed by the support and feedback that I have received since re-launching my website.  It has really amazed me how quickly word can spread (especially via social media), and because of Twitter and Facebook I have reached a lot more people.

Things are moving quickly ahead.  We have a 'deadline' of the end of March to get as many capes as possible to be able to send to Mercy In Action in time for their next trip to the Philippines.

I have quite a few capes cut out ready to sew together.  I have also been approached by one of the mums from my son's school how is organising a sewing morning for some of the mums in the village.  I really think we will reach our goal of 50 capes by the end of the month.  If you can help please get in touch. 

A lovely quote

A friend of mine sent me this picture the other day.  Unfortunately I don't know the originating source (if you do please let me know so I can give the correct credit), but I thought it portrayed my message of what I Am Super capes is all about.

superhero quote.jpg

Cape Tutorial

Wow, what an amazing response I have had so far. So many people want to sew up some capes, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I myself don’t really have a tutorial to show you (yet) on how to put a cape together, just some pictures to give you and idea (that is if you haven’t made one before or are not confident enough to wing it). I made some capes when my son turned 4 and he wanted a Superhero party but the capes that I made for all the kids was a no sew one, but the gist of it is the same. Here are some pictures of what I did:

What I was wanting for capes are bright colours such as yellows, blues, reds, and greens. It doesn’t really have to be reversible ones but if that is what you prefer to make then go ahead. I would prefer neck straps with Velcro so it is easy to get off. Size is also not an issue, as I would like to send to all ages. I am also going to make some for the adult volunteers who are working with the children.

Louise from Sew Scrumptious has kindly given us permission to use a tutorial she has on her blog, please have a look if you need any inspiration: Click here for her tutorial

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need an address to send any capes you have made.

Thank you again for all your kind words and support.

1st cape.jpg

Very grateful for all the help!

I am very grateful for all the help and positive comments and advice that I have received so far.  Firstly a big thank you to Chris from Cwench.  He designed our fantastic logo.  Have a look here at what he does.

Another big thank you to Kat from Housewife Confidential and Blogtacular.  She has given me so much advice when it comes to the 'techie' side' of getting this website off the ground and helping me spread the word.

Without the help I have received so far I Am Super capes would not have gotten off the ground.