A Super Sewing Group

We really couldn't do what we do or the at the volume that we need to do it without the dedication and help of, well amazing strangers who contact us wanting to be a part of I Am Super capes.

One such amazing person is Saskia.  She contacted me via Twitter wanting to make some capes for us.  Saskia has sent us some absolutely gorgeous capes and has continued to pledge her support to us.

This is what Saskia has to say:
"I stumbled across I Am Super capes on a twitter forum. I thought I would put it to my Wednesday evening ladies and see if they were interested in making one. I had a resounding yes and they all thought it was a great idea. So I quickly made a pattern, tried it out but couldn't resist adding some embroidery .......... (Lucky owner of digital embroidery machine) and voila, the first Dotty supercape was born. Then with all Claudias positive encouragement I got a bit carried away and made quite a few, my kids even joined in and made one each. Good luck Claudia, I hope they make someone super hero happy. A childhood is not a proper one without make believe."