Where we have been, and where we are going!

Evening everyone.

I wanted to take this opportunity to apologise to all our supporters, followers and especially to all those little heroes who have not received thier capes yet.

Some may know this, but for those who don't.  I too have a little hero.  Trent is his name and he is the youngest of my 3 boys.  Trent was born in 2013 and it became apparent quite early on that things were not right.  To cut a long story short Trent has an undiagnosed brain damage, is severly autistic, non-verban, GDD and a few other issues.

We as a family have taken some time to come to grips with this new path of ours.  We are greateful that his condition is not progressive, however, as we don't have a diagnosis we are unaware how this will all effect Trent in the years to come.

I am sorry to those who I have let down and not sent out capes to yet.  But, as a mum of a special needs child, a little hero I know how these little things are important.  How we need to find the things that remind us and our children to be just that, children. 

So this is my pledge and promise that I will be working extra hard to get all outstanding capes out and we will be announcing some very exciting changes to I am Super capes for 2017.

Thank yo to everyone who has been so supportive and for all those who have gotten in touch.  2017 is going to be a very SUPER year.