I have been asked by a few people about 'how-to' make a cape.  So we have put together a basic tutorial giving you an idea on how we make our capes.  We are using our template but that is not essential. If you would like one of our templates, please get in touch and we can send one out to you.

What you will need:

* Sewing machine (it is possible to make these capes by hand, but it will be more time-consuming)
* 2 different colours/patterns of fabric, the amount needed will be determind by the size of the cape you are making
* Sew on velcro for the neck straps (we don't use ties or buttons/snap buttons)
* Contrasting fabric for applique, should you fancy adding this to your cape

Step 1

Fold your fabric in half and place the template so the straight edge is on the fold.  Cut the cape and repeat with the other piece of fabric.

Step 2

Open the fabrics up and place them right-sides together.  Pin around the edges.

Step 3

Sew around the edge but remember to leave a gap of approximately 15cm to be able to turn the fabric right
side out.  We recommend you do this in the centre of the bottom edge for neatness.  Once you have finished sewing, notch around the neck and shoulder area of the cape to keep it from puckering when turned right side out.

Step 4

Turn the fabric right side out and iron the edges to make it easier to sew the top stitch.  Once ironed, sew along the edges of the cape, approximately 5mm from the edge.  You may choose to do this in a contrasting thread.

Step 5

Iron your cape and then sew the hook & loop velcro pieces onto the neck straps.  Make sure they are on opposite sides of the neck strap so the cape can be reversible.

Step 6

If you wish to add applique you can do it one of two ways.  1 - add the shape before you sew the two pieces of fabric together, or 2 - sew the shape on now at the end.

Thank you so much for making a cape for us, if you visit our Get In Touch Page where you can find the address closest to you to send your cape.  All donated capes will be sent to either a Little Hero or added to our Mission collection.