What is a Swishing Party you ask.  Simple really, purchase a ticket, bring a certain amount of good quality clothing/shoes/bags/accessories (in this case 5) and then you swop it for 5 items you fancy.

Due to unforseen circumstances there has been a venue change for the upcoming SWISH - it will now be held in the Gilbert Room at the Twyford Parish Hall in Twyford, Winchester. 

Still great food, great bubbly, great company...and of course, GREAT CLOTHES!

This year Come Swish! are supporting I Am Super capes and holding this fabulous event in the Gilbert Room at the Twyford Parish Hall.
It is an great venue in Twyford and it is 15 minute walk from the Shawford Train Station as well as plenty of parking next door to the venue.

I really hope you will join us for an amazing evening of food, bubbles and clothes swopping and raise money for I Am Super capes.

Tickets can be purchased either by contacting I Am Supercapes - claudia@iamsupercapes.co.uk / 077 6845 0207