Mercy in Action, Philippines

Philippines pics.jpg

Our first mission was to send capes to the Philippines.  Alison Todd from Mercy In Action took them our behalf as her charity work closely with the children. 

 23/02/14 - Mission Update
We have 11 gorgeous capes posted to me by the lovely Jill from Buckinghamshire.  Such an amazing range of patterns, sizes and colours, I promise to get some pictures posted into our gallery soon.

08/04/12 - Mission Complete
We posted off the capes today directly Mercy in Action's warehouse in Bath in preparation for them to be taken to the Philippines the next day or so.  I am so excited to hear the feedback from the children, and the volunteers who are handing them out.  We sent a total of 21 capes.  21 gorgeous, happy, bright capes, destined to make 21 children smile....makes it all so worth it.  Below are the pictures of the capes.  I am just waiting for feedback from Mercy In Action and hopefully some photos to upload.  Thank you again to Jill, Lucy, Kathy and her son Thomas, all who were so amazing helping me complete my first mission

We received word from Alison at Mercy in Action, UK that they gave the little heroes their capes.  They were given to a class of first graders as the Filipino school year was about to start.  It was so exciting for me to get the photos of these gorgeous little children enjoying their capes. You can read about it on their website, just click here.