Super George


George was born on 14th December 2009. Soon after George was born, it became apparent that he wasn't well as he began to choke when being fed. George was admitted to Alder Hey Hospital at 1month old. Since then, he has spent the majority of his life in hospital.

George’s condition means that he is unable to eat and drink normally. If he tries to eat, it causes him agonising pain. He is fed through a “central line” that leads directly through his chest and into his heart. Every day, nutrients and fats had to be pumped into his blood stream. He is attached to the machine for the majority of the day and given vital medicines via his line throughout the day and night too.

Having a Central Line inserted (he has had this procedure repeated many times due to infection) is one of many procedures George has undergone in his short life and so far he has been under general anaesthetic over 60 times.

Most recently, George had surgery for a stoma to be fitted and was also put back on TPN feed (central line through his heart). 

His condition continues to baffle doctors and specialists at the hospital. 

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