Frequently Asked Questions


I have never sewn. Can I still volunteer?

Absolutely! There are many different parts to making a cape. Therefore, we can use people who know how to cut, trace, iron, and pin or who are interested in learning a new skill!

What other ways can I donate besides financially?

We have several ways you can donate! 

  1. Donate your time: We are a volunteer-based nonprofit, and we understand that your time is valuable. We would love for you to participate in a Super Sewing Day where you can help bring the capes to life!

  2. Donate items: We have created a list of items we need for our Super Sewing Day. Check out our list of acceptable items here!

  3. See our How To Get Involved page for even more ways you can help:

Can I Am Super capes host an off-site Super Sewing Day for my group?

We would love to support your group's interest in I Am Super capes and would encourage those interested in hosting a satellite Super Sewing Day to consider fundraising for I Am Super capes or have your group attend one of our upcoming Super Sewing Days instead. Please fill out our contact form, and let us know how your group would like to partner with us in one of the ways mentioned above!

Can my children come to a Super Sewing Day?

We would love to have your children join us at our next Super Sewing Day! We highly encourage that children under the age of 10 have supervision at all times during a Super Sewing Day (preferably 1 adult per child). It's a great way to spend the dayand an opportunity for your children to develop new skills. We train individuals on how to use our equipment at each of our sewing days before they begin working at their designated station (sewing, cutting, pinning, ironing, etc). However, you know your children's capabilities and know what they can safely handle. So, we recommend you work with your children at their designated station.

I Am first aid trained and a first aid kit on site do our best to match children with their abilities. However, you as the parent know what your child's capabilities are best, and we recommend that children are supervised at all times during our events.

Can I bring a group to the next Super Sewing Day?

We love when groups come to our Super Sewing Days! However, if your group is larger than 10 people, please contact us at so that we can accommodate for your group size at our next sewing day!

What if I know a child or children’s charity who needs a cape?

There are many little heroes that don’t have their superhero capes, and we as standard humans can't know about them all without your help. We would love to hear about the superheroes in your life and hopefully outfit them with the cape they deserve! If you know of a child or group of children battling a villain, please contact us at so we can make sure those heroes get their cape.