Super Finley


Meet Finley.  He may look like any other 3 year old on the outside, but inside he is not. He has two serious medial condition’s one is Eosinophilic Entrocolitis, and the other Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome; both make every day life hard for him.

He has Eosinophilic Disease which has now progressed into Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) this affects Finley's tummy, it gets very poorly when he eats, and it can cause him to have a bleed internally. Finley's body fights food as it would a virus, and he is unable to eat anything as his body can not tolerate any type of food.

Finley is fed special medicated milk via a feeding tube in his tummy. Also, any colds, flu or even the smallest infection can set off a reaction. Finley has 6 feeds over 24 hours, mummy gets up in the night to feed him on my special pump. He can wear his back pack in the day so Finley can play and have hismilk at the same time, it is very heavy though! His milk is medicated and fat free, to keep him healthy.  Finley has to go to GOSH between 1-3 times a week for fat infusions into his heart.

Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome affects his joints, he loves to run around, play football and ride his bike, but it causes him a lot of pain, so much so that he can’t sleep at night and his joints can dislocate. Due to his poorly legs, he can’t walk very far and have to go in his buggy. He gets sad at night time as the activities he has done in the day make him sore, but Finley doesn't like being told to stop running or riding his bike! Finley will need an electric bed in the future, this will help his body to relax better and give his joints a rest, they just need to raise some money to get one!

Both the conditions Finley has are not curable, but the money that is raised will help him to lead as much as a normal life as possible and hopefully help him to deal with them as best as he can to make his life a bit easier. The money will also help the charities that have helped him along my journey.

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